The Shape of Success

The Shape of Success You’ll be surprised how the shape of a table – and an agenda – changes a meeting. There is a mythical business story that seems to get passed down through business schools about a CEO who [...]

Among the Chaos, there is Magic

Let’s think of organisational well-being as the physical, emotional, and social health of an organisation and that the well-being of an organisation is more than the sum of its individuals’ well-being. We know that organisations with better employee engagement, what [...]

When Smart and Healthy Balance

When Smart and Healthy Balance A state of equilibrium is achieved when rightward forces are balanced by leftward forces and upward forces are balanced by downward forces. It is sometimes talked about as a state of dynamic tension. Importantly, equilibrium [...]

How Can I Truly Recharge?

Resilience is about debits and credits –my smart wife reminded me of this at dinner the other night!  The more positive stuff going in (e.g. good sleep, nutritious food, water, purpose at work, quality family relationships, etc) helps us weather the times [...]

Make stimulus spending a success

Government stimulus spending aims to minimise the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia by sustaining employment and spreading benefits across the economy. Infrastructure stimulus is likely to be a mix of individual large scale (and complex) infrastructure projects and programs [...]

Cognitive Diversity

Sometimes when I want to be controversial or stimulate a debate I ask executive teams, ‘why do we want diversity at work?’.  I acknowledge it’s very ‘woke’ and politically correct but at this point you can sense a rising tension [...]

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive leadership coaching is a process in which an experienced coach works with an executive to help them improve their leadership skills and achieve their personal and professional goals. The coach typically has extensive experience in the business world and [...]

We’re all in this together!

The autocratic, heroic leader of yesteryear has largely disappeared from Australian workplaces and in its place is a far more ‘distributed’ or shared leadership. A few organisations have even done away with formalised management structures and their executives genuinely share [...]

Who will you become now?

Ironically, I had to fly to the other side of the world to get my head around the state of our planet! In 2019 I attended a conference in Dublin, which included a workshop on climate change. I spent the [...]

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