In the late months of 2023, ECI Partners embarked on an endeavour that has given us a unique vantage point into the priorities and challenges of leaders for the year ahead.

This journey was not just about hearing; it was about truly listening to the heartbeat of senior leaders and understanding the nocturnal thoughts that often occupy their minds. What was keeping them up at 3am?

We engaged with CEOs, Country Heads, Divisional Directors, and senior leaders across diverse sectors, from Government to Law firms, Professional and Financial services, Energy, Health, Transport, Infrastructure development and more.

What unfolded was a series of consistent themes cutting across many markets and sectors.

The metaphorical problem we encountered could be likened to a conundrum of physics. It’s as if two opposing forces, each formidable in its own right, have clashed in the organisational landscape — a movable object that refuses to stop, and an immovable object that will not budge.

Einstein would have been fascinated.

Chris Corneil and Alexandra Smart, Partners at ECI Partners

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