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Case Studies

The Power of Pod Coaching

Pod coaching is a unique, proven way to help organisations create deeply personalized, yet scalable, development forums to fast-track capability and cultural development. Pioneered by ECI Partners, approximately 4-5 selected members of your organisation work intensively as a ‘performance Pod’. An executive coach leads the Pod meetings, and each [...]

Executive coaching is deeply personal

Executive coaching is a deeply personal, transformative opportunity for executives to develop to another level.  Our role is to help facilitate this change from the current, to an even better future. Executives are people too.  Recognising that our professional and personal lives are completely integrated, ECI coaches bring [...]

Strategy Sings When Partners are in Sync

The Situation Law firms constantly change. They are always undertaking intergenerational change, but today, more than ever, they must constantly adapt to the changing and more complex nature of the challenges their clients face, as well as the forces of digital transformation and intensifying competition. The leadership team [...]

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