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Strategy Sings When Partners are in Sync

The Situation Law firms constantly change. They are always undertaking intergenerational change, but today, more than ever, they must constantly adapt to the changing and more complex nature of the challenges their clients face, as well as the forces of digital transformation and intensifying competition. The leadership team [...]


Who will you become now?

Ironically, I had to fly to the other side of the world to get my head around the state of our planet! In 2019 I attended a conference in Dublin, which included a workshop on climate change. I spent the next two hours in tears. We were asked [...]

We’re all in this together!

The autocratic, heroic leader of yesteryear has largely disappeared from Australian workplaces and in its place is a far more ‘distributed’ or shared leadership. A few organisations have even done away with formalised management structures and their executives genuinely share the leadership of their organisations. Regardless of your [...]


Kim Schmidt eci Partners Conference

Over one hundred partners from Grant Thornton went to Cambodia to build 10 houses together. At the Executive Coaching International conference, Kim Schmidt, Director of Leadership and Culture, shared the incredible story of how they discovered the true joy of leadership, got to the heart of who [...]

Justin Di Lollo eci Conference

Being competitive in an increasingly knowledge based economy means working at an entrepreneurial level. You have to stand out. At the Executive Coaching International Conference, Justin Di Lollo, a public figure in the Australian government relations and public-affairs consulting industry as well as business director at WPP [...]

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